As members of our Wildstone community, we offer Homeowners Exclusive use of the Golf Course Cart Paths for Winter use.

As our business is Golf, protection of the Golf Course playing areas is our Primary goal in the off-season. Therefore, please keep off all grassed areas- such as Greens, Tees and Fairways and stay on the Cart Paths (no short-cuts please) when walking, tobogganing, snow-shoeing or cross country skiing  as damage to the Turf can occur from these activities. Turf areas are presently being sprayed with Snow Mold protection and any traffic may reduce its effectiveness!
When the snow is compressed on the Turf from these activities it will turn to ice  during warming periods and can cause ice damage to turf.  In the Spring the damage will appear as unsightly dead brown patches on the turf  that can last for weeks or months  into the Golfing Season.

PONDS: Please also inform any Children to keep off the Ponds as Ice conditions vary and could be dangerous. Safety buoys have been installed at each Pond for use in Emergencies ONLY !

We appreciate the fact that we have members of our Wildstone community who take pride in the Golf Course and are out there keeping an eye on things over the Winter months.  As this is for your exclusive use, please inform non-residents of this if you see anyone else out there, or give us a call at one of the below numbers and we will inform them.

The Golf Course is surrounded by an 8 foot fence that was installed mainly to keep Elk off the Golf Course.  The main Entrance is obviously wide open so Elk do end up on the course at times during the Winter months. If you notice Elk on the property, please call us and we will herd them out one of the gates.
These heavy animals cause a lot more significant damage than its smaller cousin the deer so we like to get them out quickly.

We appreciate everyone bagging little “fluffies” poop and taking it with you...not leaving it by a tree. :)

Thanks and enjoy living in this beautiful location!

Wildstone Office  250-489-1282     Superintendent's Cell 250-919-3014

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